FBI Will Interrogate MAS MH370 Pilot Wife


U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation aka FBI will interrogate wife of pilot Malaysia Airlines (MAS) MH370 Zaharie Captain Ahmad Shah. The interrogation was conducted in the middle of the continuing search operations aircraft has entered the third week.

This media reported Britain’s Daily Mirror citing U.S. sources. The source stated, U.S. intelligence agencies are investigating the background Zaharie (53) and co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid (27). However, the investigation against Hamid nearing completion and so far no strange thing that appears. This means, Zaharie is now the focus of the investigation.

It seems that there is nothing in the life of Hamid Fariq which could serve as a motive for the hijacking, “the source said as quoted by the New Straits Times. how to lighten skin naturally

“But Zaharie personal life is much more complex and is currently in the process described,” added the source who knew about the U.S. investigation. According to the Daily Mirror, the FBI is in the interest Zaharie personal life, including his relationship with his family and his political activities.

The FBI is also interested in reports that Zaharie receive two-minute phone call from a mysterious woman, shortly before the plane took off from MAS MH370 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on March 8.

However, regarding this mysterious phone has been denied by Malaysian authorities are calling it a mere speculation.


There Is No Compromise Track Record of 2 users Passport Stolen in MAS


Malaysian authorities have spread photograph and biometric data passports stolen from two users who climbed on board Malaysia Airlines MH370. While the search results, the track record has not been found suspicious of both the mysterious figure.

A source of environmental law enforcement to make sure no one has to worry about than the figure of two men who are called by Malaysian authorities similar to the AC Milan footballer Mario Balotelli is. Even so, a deeper search is still being done.

The FBI also was seriously checking their databases on the alleged acts of terrorism. Two profiles of men who use passports belonging to Luigi Maraldi (Italy) and Christian Kozel (Austria) is still going to continue to be extracted. Fingerprint data they have already spread to the rest of the world intelligence team. inflatable fishing pontoon boats

Various speculations emerged about the characteristics of the two mysterious men. Previously, Malaysian Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said that the two men looked like Asian descent. But officials who have watched CCTV footage Kuala Lumpur airport called both men have Caucasians. Last information being described him as Balotelli, AC Milan striker black.

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said it only managed to identify one man among them who believed not a citizen of Malaysia and also not from the Xinjiang region of China that refers to the alleged terror attacks from militant groups in the region.

Two Workers Burned At a Gas Station in Pekanbaru


Unlucky fate befell two tanks of gas stations workers in Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands Province. Both were on fire in the middle of cleaning the tank. Two workers were cleaning the tank at the gas station on Jl MT Haryono Km 3 Tanjungpinang.

Both of these workers just go in and clean the tank. It is not clear what the cause, suddenly two men initials A and S were burned inside. They were screaming for help as they came out with a ladder.

Both could save yourself out of the tank was still in burned in the state. Both victims were screaming hysterically for help. Directly other workers at gas stations provide aid to the victims.

Co-workers, immediately put out the fire victim’s clothing. Furthermore, they were evacuated to the general hospital. playstation 3 troubleshooting guide

According to Dr. Lili who handles both of these patients, that both suffered serious burns on the face and arms. “We’re still dealing with them because they suffered burns serious enough,” said Dr. Lili.

In the scene at the pump until tonight has not given the police line. At the pump itself is indeed seen a renovation.